At Doctrybe,we combine innovative, fun and creative ways for prospective writers to create learning content and engage with potential resource consumers. This innovative mix of writing and learning from beginner through to advanced is intended to suit everyone’s needs. At Doctrybe, we strongly believe that knowledge should be shared and readily accessible. "know it Share it"

The mission -

The world doesn't need another Social Network. It needs a Solution.

The purpose of making this application is to help curb a learning gap. There are so many undocumented academic works that go to waste every year (especially in the underdeveloped regions of the world) because of poor documentation or repository to protect these documents, leaving no room for edits or reviews, causing a generational loss of fruitful academic pursuits. To stem this cyclic process, we believe that this application will offer a more interactive way to share, ask, answer, preserve and connect intellectual minds like never before.

We've incorporated a Question and Answer (Q&A) section to fuel the appetite of curious minds. We believe that the peak of every intellectual work is attained when a reader digests, argues, accepts or denies within himself, after having fully understood a point of view and its intended propositions. He can at this point pose many questions that may shed new light to the world.

The world is magnificent, and man can know no more than he asks, and with new answers, new questions.
Atsu. S. Dominic

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